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Our Dillon RL550B has produced more than 2.5 million rounds .

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RL 550B
Part #13149 Spot Manuals RL550B Manual Folder 550B Manual.V7.8 9/01 WJC . First of all, the Dillon RL 550B is a remarkably simple machine–a little care and . You will notice that the primer magazine tube tips are different colors and .

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    Dillon 550B: America's Loading Machine
    The press was a Dillon model 550B, and I still load all of my rifle and . seat into the case with the Dillon, so if you let the primer tube run out, you can instantly .

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DILLON 550B RELOADING PRESS UP FOR AUCTION IS A DILLON 550B RELOADING PRESS . FOUR SMALL PRIMER FILL TUBES. 4. . Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine 4 Stage Manual Index 14261 . eBay Wish list | Site Map | eBay official time | Preview new features | Tell us what you think .

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As of January 2012, a Dillon RL550B set up with the same features as the Lee . made several very helpful videos (available on YouTube) about reloading in .

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Aspen International: Reloading Equipment - Dillion Precision ...
The BL 550 is essentially an RL550B without the automatic priming and powder systems. . For example, if you load 30-06 for elk, .243 for deer and .22-250 for coyote, . One large and one small pick up tube; One toolhead; One powder die .

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The brass I have collected from the woods behind my house. It's ...
Mar 6, 2012 . [–]irishlyruckedDillon RL550B - .223 0 points1 point2 points 8 days ago. http:// .

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Today - Revolver Liberation Alliance blog
Nov 25, 2011 . You cannot fill the magazine tube with .38 Special rounds less than 1.4 . Use the money you save to buy a Dillon RL550B to load your ammo!

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Dillon RL 550B - Topic
I found a great deal that I don't think can be beat on a new Dillon RL 550 B. For $362.99 and they are not in stock . I've got a Dillon sitting in a box in the garage that you may be . SOme guys also buy extra primer filler tubes.

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Spice up your RL 550B | American Handgunner | Find Articles
The RL 550 B has become the workhorse of generations of shooters. A source at Dillon wouldn't say how many they've sold but agreed that "tens of . into a bit of trouble and you have to be careful to properly adjust the tubes so they will stay .

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Difference in a Dillon 550 & 550B - AR15.COM
Dec 17, 2011 . [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Difference in a Dillon 550 & 550B (Page 1 of 2) . so far are primer pick up tubes and the plastic end pieces and a primer flip tray. . set up as a B. What makes or made you think it was a 550, non-B?

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Dillon Powder Measure Tips - 1911Forum
Oct 2, 2006 . Here is what I have done to make my Dillon powder measures throw more consistent charges . If you look inside you see how rough the inside of the measure is. . Will the Uniquetek fit the square deal B? . When using the small bar on my 550B for Unique powder, It throws within .2 or so grains of setting.

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    DILLON RL550B - YouTube
    Nov 22, 2011 . 40sw,180 grains,Clays -3.2 Tony, Master Class Shooters Supply and Romel,New Dillon Reloading RL550B, with a Caliber Conversion Kit with .

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    Reloading ammo
    If you're interested in reloading ammo from scratch, it can be much cheaper doing it yourself than paying for . How to reload firearms ammunition with a Dillon RL550B . The n00b tube is the grenade launcher that the Assault class uses.

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RL550B, w/o a Caliber Conversion Kit: Dillon Reloading Machines
McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware . Dillon Reloading Machines » RL550B, w/o a Caliber Conversion Kit, Print . also get - Dillon dies designed for high speed use Extra primer pick-up tubes .


Welcome to Dillon Precision Products
Welcome to Dillon Precision Product's Official Technical Help Site. . 550B Casefeeder (22.2 MB) · XL 650 Reloader (51.9 MB) · Square Deal B Reloader . SL 900 Shotshell Reloader (63.2 MB) · RF 100 Primer Tube Filler (3.9 MB) . Choose Help Guides and then just click on the machine that you have a question about.

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Q&A: What type reloading press should I start off with? – Part I ...
Jan 19, 2012. Do You Use? Poll: What Progressive Reloading Press Do You Use Most? . I' ve been looking at the Dillon RL550b. It seems quality and is in .

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Dillon -
River of Guns searches hundreds of forums so you can find the best deals on guns . Midwest Gun Trader · Dillon RL550B Reloading Press,Loaded,Almost New . Dillon SDB, 4 toolheads, 4 calibers (.40,9mm,.45ACP,.38/.357),pickup tubes, . Dillon Precision RL550B 4 Stage Progressive ... Dillon Precision RL550B 4 Stage Progressive Reloading Machine . Get free shipping on this item when you spend $1000.00 or more on . One large and one small pick up tube One toolhead One powder die One loaded .

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Dillon Precision RL 550B EZ-Buy Packages
Add to Cart - Adds items to the Cart and returns you to this page. . Scales, SEARCH for Miscellaneous Dillon Items, Shellplates, SKU Numbers, Square Deal B . RL 550B Press; Dillon Dies; Primer Pickup Tubes; Press Related Accessories .


Calling all reloaders? - Page 2
Mar 29, 2012 . And, finally, take a look on Youtube for videos that walk you through the . each) on how to assemble and operate a Dillon RL550B press.

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    Reloading gear (John De Armond)
    It > looks like the Dillon RL-550B will suit my needs the best. . these highly controversial "facts" to a) seem even more the expert and b) get attention. . But you might want to drop a note to Dillon about the quality of the tube construction, .

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  • RL550B Parts List - Dillon Precision Products
    Dillon Precision's Online Catalog! . RL 550B Parts List .

    RL 550B Help - Dillon Precision Products
    Dec 18, 1998 . Square Deal B Instruction Manual . Technical Help For the RL 550B. . drop the tube and the tip into the primer housing and turn until you feel .

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    13028 - SDB Manual. V 4.5
    Primer Cup Spring (RL550B). 14036. Powder . conversion chart for the caliber you are loading for. Square . shooting/safety glasses and hearing protection that Dillon has to offer . flood the tube with a penetrating oil (WD-40), throw the tube .