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Consider raising the voting age | Herald Sun
Aug 9, 2010 . I BELIEVE we need to consider a two-tier approach to electing a federal government: first, the compulsory voting age should be raised to 25 .

should we raise the voting age


Lower the Drinking Age for Everyone - Michelle Minton - National ...
Apr 20, 2011 . However, the data indicate that the 21-minimum drinking age has not only . I'd be for lowering the drinking age to 12 if we can raise the voting .

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Voting age should be raised agree?
Askville Question: Voting age should be raised agree? : Politics. . citizen, you get to vote at age 18. Anything else devalues the citizenship that we all hold dear.

Poll: Thoughts On High School Student Activism In The East Bay ...
Mar 23, 2012 . Cheryl Adam gives us a good reason why we should raise the voting age to 21. Her ignorance of history is proudly displayed as she can't be .

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Blue Mass Group | We need a minimum age for state legislature
Jun 11, 2011 . I suppose we should do away with that because it's deeply undemocratic too. . He clearly wrote “raise the voting age”, so he obviously already .

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Should we lower the drinking age to 18?
Nov 16, 2011 . Nope....we should raise the voting age, the age to join the military and whatever else to blend with the drinking age. Since we, as a culture, .

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Ann Coulter Wants to Deprive Women and Young People From Voting
Mar 29, 2012. proposed that the voting age should be raised to 26, or “until you pay for your own health care. . Are we really devoting time to this woman?

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Top Ten Reasons to Lower the Voting Age - National Youth Rights ...
What kind of twisted message do we send when we tell youth they are judged mature, . For several reasons lowering the voting age will increase voter turnout .

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Ron Paul's Campaign Touts Endorsement Of Pastor Who Advocates ...
Dec 28, 2011 . “What he's trying to do, whether he agrees with the Constitution's . @Tsar Nicholas: How about we raise the voting age every year to one year .

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Should the voting age be raised to 21? |
Aug 18, 2009 . photo taken from Should the voting age be raised to 21? . We are here to express our thoughts toward controversial issues, .

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What should the voting age be? | Do Something
Jul 31, 2008 . I do believe the voting age should be 16, if not 15, because if you're . Since I live in California and we do have sales tax (7.75%), I believe that 16 year olds should have the opportunity to vote for who they want to raise taxes.

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    Rick Perry Flubs Legal Voting Age During NH Speech ...
    Nov 29, 2011 . I can understand how Perry made that error. I'm 63 and I have to struggle . I think we need to raise the voting age to 26. Isn't this the new age .

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    Are Millennials anti-democratic?
    Mar 2, 2012 . You can follow this blog via RSS, Facebook, or Twitter. Email is . We really just need to raise the voting age to around 35. I'm under 35, so I .

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Lower, raise, or keep the American voting age at 18
View Poll Results: Americans can vote at age 18, what should we do with the age requirement? Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll. Raise .


CollegeNET Forum - Raise the age
Nov 8, 2009 . If we raise the minimum age requirement, itl just ruin their dreams. . The learn to drive, they can buy lotto tickets, they can vote, they can drink.

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Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16? - Democratic ...
Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16? . We do? NJ RAISED the age to drive unsupervised from 17, Kahuna, Feb-17-05 09:18 PM, #75 .

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Full Speech and Q&A: Watch Paul Ryan's speech at the Heritage ...
Oct 26, 2011 . In short, please be respectful of others and do not engage in personal . I still think we need to 1) raise the voting age 2) require a test of sorts to .

John Stossel Thinks Some Young People Are Just Too Dumb To Vote
Sep 29, 2010 . Since we don't allow children to vote, let's raise the voting age to 27. Hey, 40+ million of us don't even have health insurance or can't afford it.

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Student essays
Many of today's young people have been raised to become disrespectful, ignorant . We can't let political bureaucrats slip through the voting lines just to get to . a reality, then I would like to suggest that we do in fact lower the voting age.


I am vegan, and my boyfriend is not. How do we raise our children ...
But until they reach the age when they can choose by themselves, should we . If you want to raise your children vegan I suggest you find a vegan man. vote .

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