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Sensors - The Apple Snail
To give an idea, human eyes are capable to resolve 10.000.000 pixels. The pictures below illustrate this even better. As apple snail do not have colour sensitive .

do snails have eyes


Snails on Their Trails: Do Snails Have Color Vision?
their eyes are well developed, and some of their far relatives (cephalopod species) have an ability to see at least some colors. My expectation is that if snails can .

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    Why do the antenna (tentacles) disappear? What do they eat? How do they eat? Do snails have eyes? Do snails smell and hear? How do they breathe? SHELL: .

Classroom Animals and Pets - Insects and Co. - Snails
Most snails have spiral shells on their backs into which they can pull back for protection. . Eyes are either at the base or the tips of the upper tentacles. The little .

Learn About Snails and Slugs
Snails have a head with tentacles, or feelers, eyes, a mouth and tiny teeth. The soft body of a . How do Snails Reproduce - Facts about Snails · What do Snails .

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h2g2 - Everything You'll Never Need to Know About Slugs
Nov 26, 2000 . Slugs have been compared to their relatives, the snails, quite often. . The bigger antennae, for protective reasons, can pull their eyes into the .

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Apple snails
The basic guide for keeping apple snails in an aquarium or a pond (English version). . Even they do have gills besides their lung; they will drown if left without air. . They have eyes that should enable them to 'see' their environment, but do .

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How can certain animals change their sex at free will? Why can't ...
Apr 3, 2005 . How can snails, frogs, worms, and sea cucumbers change their sex then? . the " toad" you're talking about does have eyes. they're just small .

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Do snails have ears and eyes and mouths and a body
What body system is the eye and ear in? nervous. What has no mouth no nose no ears and no eyes but is alive? Probally a worm, but it has a small mouth.

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LAND SNAIL OBSERVATIONS. Do land snails have eyes? How many? Do land snails have walking legs? How many? Are their legs jointed? How many joints?

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invertebrate notes
snail, octopus. Arthropoda. Subphylum: Trilobita--trilobites (extinct), Subphylum: . Invertebrates are animals which do not have a backbone. . and possess a variety of sensory receptors such as simple eyes called ocelli or compound eyes, .

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Slugs, Snails and Fresh Water Mollusks | Eat The Weeds and other ...
There is only one rule you have to remember: When it comes to land snails, land . People do eat slugs raw on a dare, and the Indians used live slugs to numb . away from your eyes, nose and mouth… the same precautions you would do if .

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    How do snails breathe? | Answers Encyclopedia: Facts and answers ...
    Get the answer to "How do snails breathe? . Respiration is carried on by gills in the aquatic species; terrestrial forms have a . Where are a snail's eyes?

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    Shell Classes
    Most molluscs, and particularly the snails, have chemosensory organs for taste ( the . Some --extending across all classes-- also have well developed eyes (see, . their radula, or in a few species, by filter feeding on small detritus, as do clams.

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Phyla Mollusca and Annelida
Most of our snails have seperate sexes with internal fertilization. . The eyes of the snail are located at the end of movable tentacles on the head. Freshwater snails can tolerate polluted conditions and water with little or no dissolved oxygen.


Garden Snails
Land snails have two pairs of tentacles, with eyes on the tips of the longest pair. . Even as their bodies are still emerging, snails can start to move off, although .

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Snohomish County Dahlia Society: How To ... grow dahlias for ...
Unlike potatoes which have eyes all over, dahlia tuber eyes are only found near the . Do: Protect against slugs and snails by baiting or by killing with a spray .

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Land snail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Land snails have a strong muscular foot; they use mucus to enable them to crawl over . Usually a snail can repair damage to its shell over time if its living conditions . In most land snails the eyes are carried on the first (upper) set of tentacles .

Some species seem able to do no more than distinguish between light and dark, while other groups have highly specialized eyes. Some pulmonate snails are .

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Aug 8, 2011 . A determined snail can easily cover a meter in 5 minutes, so in the course of an . Land snails have several characteristics that make them easily identifiable. . making them the snail's version of eyes, although their function is .


Gardeners cringe as a bumper crop of slugs slithers in
"The slugs have just riddled the leaves on the hostas at home. . Though the adults do not survive the winter, the eggs lie dormant until the following spring.

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    #Flying Squirrels In Attic | A Snail Can Sleep For Three Years - It is ...
    Flying Squirrels Facts And Flying Squirrels In House What is A Snail Can Sleep For . As a result, desert dwelling snails have developed many techniques for keeping . During the day snails sleep in the protection of their shell, with their eyes .

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  • Conch snails (Strombidae) on the Shores of Singapore
    If it does get overturned, it uses its operculum to right itself. . While most snails have eyes at the base of their tentacles, a conch has large eyes on stalks.

    9 hours ago . What adventures do snails have when we are fast asleep? . left hand and cover your right hand that has two fingers sticking out for “eye stalks.

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    Sir Thomas Browne's Vulgar Errors III.xx: Of Snayls.
    WHETHER Snayls have eyes some Learned men have doubted. . delivered as an Embleme of vigilancy, that the Hare and Lion do sleep with one eye open, . 10: "When they say that Snails have eyes at the ends of their horns, their meaning .